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Update – Kidney Transplant

I reported in my last blog regarding my upcoming kidney transplant surgery.  My wife, Bonnie, has decided to donate her kidney to me.  If that is not humbling enough, the transplant procedure will now happen on January 30th, my wife Bonnie’s birthday.   I’ve tried to convince her I’m fine on dialysis and continuing to work, as I’m doing now. I’ve even tried to get in some hot water by spending too much at the Bass Pro Shop, but my wife seems very determined to make this huge sacrifice of love.

I’ll be out of the office, beginning January 30th, for approximately three weeks.  In my absence two of our Senior Leaders, Linda Wood, and Steve Borja, will take turns as Acting Directors.  If you, as a contributor to the amazing work of Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center, wonder at all about what you could do for my family and I during this life changing event, please know that besides praying for us, the absolute best thing you could do for my health and well-being, would be to financially support URM during the time that I am out of the office.

We met with the team of surgeons this week and I negotiated permission to begin light work; phone calls, conference calls, and writing personal thank you notes on receipts, shortly after surgery.  I’ll be returning to the office for limited duties after three weeks away.   This will be difficult for me, as I love the work that I am privileged to do at Union Rescue Mission, and I look forward everyday to coming to Union Rescue Mission to witness the Life Transformation that takes place here each day.

Thank you, for all of your amazing support!  If you want to keep up with our adventures, follow me at

God bless you!

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