Extreme Winter Weather Fills Homeless Shelters in California

Union Rescue Mission Issues a Request for Emergency Donations for Food and Shelter

We are over capacity at every shelter and have set up additional cots in the gym of our downtown location and are bussing people in. In all, we have nearly 1,500 individuals out of the rain compared to just 700 last year and we need immediate assistance from the community in order to feed these folks.
To make a donation to URM, please visit urm.org/donate
To make a financial donation, please visit urm.org/donateonline
For more information, contact me at (626) 260-4761.
~Rev. Andy B.

3 thoughts on “Extreme Winter Weather Fills Homeless Shelters in California

  1. derekdh3680 on

    Hello, I Just Want To Say Rev, Andy Bales, I Was In The The Union Rescue Missions C.L.D.P. Program In 2003 to 2005 And Recieved Free Medical Care, 3 Meals A Day, Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, Computer Training, Job Training, And Work Experience, Although Im Inbetween Jobs At This Time I Still Have A Little money Saved, I just Want To Say The Mission Changes And Saves Lifes. Derek H.

  2. abales2779 on

    Thank you, Derek! It was great to see you the other day back at URM for the First Friday BBQ on the roof. I have a great picture of you. Would it be alright to post the picture that shows you full of joy! God bless you, Derek. Thanks for your testimony regarding Union Rescue Mission. Andy B

  3. derekdh3680 on

    Yes Mr. Bales You Sure Can Post My Picture On The U.R.M. Website, I Hope my Testimont Will Inspire Others To Donate To The Union Rescue Mission, or If Someone Needs The Missions Help To Come On In Because Everyone Is Very Welcome, Thanks Again Mr. Bales.

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