Transformed Lives

This last Easter weekend, or Resurrection weekend, as we call it, was a time to focus not only on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also on the “resurrected”, changed lives that we get to witness at Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center every day.

Our new video just up on our website features a young man who is a walking miracle. Like his father before him, he entered Union Rescue Mission as a hurting, homeless man, entered our one year, intense Christian Life Discipleship program, graduated proudly in cap and gown (as our men do each quarter), and became an apprentice in our Volunteer Office.

Now after some years of working as an employee (30% of our staff are former program graduates), Alex is now the Manager and leader of Union Rescue Mission’s Volunteer Office. Please take some time to view the story of Alex’s life and ministry and see him in action on our new video.

There are other transformations taking place through Union Rescue Mission and those happen in the lives of our donors. As donors give to others through their donations to Union Rescue Mission and other ministries, something happens in their lives. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) As folks give, their heart becomes connected not only with those who are struggling with homelessness, but with Jesus himself. When their heart is touched, they become powerful instruments of the love of Christ. 90 years young URM donor Robert Lucas says it better than I can in a poem that he recently sent me:

God, You’re So Good
God, you’re so good,
You really do care
You watch every sparrow,
You count every hair.
You’re so great,
And I’m so small.
I really wonder God,
Why you care at all.
You came and died,
That I might live.
Please tell me God,
What can I give?
You want me?
How can that be?
I’m nothing special,
As you can see.
What’s that You say?
You can use me?
If I come childlike –
On bended knee?
Then take me God,
Do what You will.
Make me yielded,
Sensitive and still

What is your reaction to Alex’s story?

Are you interested in getting involved in a place like URM that witnesses these kinds of transformations regularly?

Will you consider joining Robert and putting your treasure and your heart to work at Union Rescue Mission?

My next blog will be from China or at least about my experience studying Christianity in China from April 1-11. Please pray for URM, my wife and I during these next days that I am away. God bless you. -Andy B.

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