A Precious Man Known Only as John

The hearts of URM staff and guests are going out to a gentleman known as John, or Grimley, who was homeless and brutally doused with gasoline and lit on fire, causing his death this past Thursday evening in the Mid-Wilshire area of downtown. Our hearts also go out to the wonderful people who looked out for him each day, and to those who tried to save him from the fire.
His tragic death re-emphasizes the need for our work of loving people who have lost their homes and everything that they had only to find themselves reduced to trying to survive on the tough streets of our city. It also motivates us to speak up in an even stronger way that each one of our friends who is homeless is a precious human being, made in the image of God, and highly valued by God. That is why I strive each day to make sure that Union Rescue Mission stays focused on our calling to reach out to the folks who the rest of the world seems to have given up on and forgotten. As we approach our 118th year of serving the least and the lost of Los Angeles, we will continue that commitment in the years ahead, hoping that one day our great city will live up to the title of the City of Angels by making sure that not one precious human being is left to live on these mean streets. -Rev. Andy Bales

2 thoughts on “A Precious Man Known Only as John

  1. Dianna Williams on


    How do iget to the gift record for my IRS compliant tax teceipt;.

    By the way love your new site.

    Blessing to you all
    Dianna Williams

    • josiah on

      Hi Diana,

      Please give us a call at (213) 347-6300 and ask for donor relations. They will be able to get that for you.

      Thanks for being a faithful friend!

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