Whoville Thanksgiving Celebration Wrap Up

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On Saturday, November 22, the Union Rescue Mission hosted a Whoville Thanksgiving celebration on Skid Row. An estimated 3,000 people came out to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast. Attendants included 2,500 guests from the homeless community, volunteers, URM staff, corporate and celebrity sponsors.

A BIG thanks goes to some of our corporate sponsors: Fox Entertainment, Dodgers, KJLH, Herbal Life, Clippers, City National Bank, HSBC, Nestle, Magic Johnson Foundation, and Disney.

Celebrity Sponsors include: Andre Ethier, Red Cloud, Jaynie Jackson, Jeremiah 22, and World Boxing Hall of Famers – Israel Vasquez, Alfonso Gomez, Bobby Chacon, Danny “Little Red” Lopez, Walter Sarnoi, Paul Banke.

In order to feed the large crowd with a delicious feast of roast/deep fried turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, salad, and apple pie, URM prepared: 100 deep fried turkeys (16lb ea), 90 turkey roasts (8lb-11lb), 75 pans of vegetables, 74 pans of stuffing, 40 pans of cranberry sauce, 64 pans of sweet potatoes, 80 pans of mash potatoes, 4320 dinner rolls, 510 pies (4080 slices), and 65 gallons of gravy.

Check out the joy and excitement of the thousands that participated.

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