Hope Gardens Family Center Update


Hope Gardens Family Center, a ministry of Union Rescue Mission, is a transitional housing and residential facility in Sylmar, California that provides a safe environment, free of crime and full of hope so that moms and their children can get a fresh start. Through our comprehensive program, moms are able to transition from homelessness to independent living in 12-36 months. In addition to the family program, Hope Garden’s Sequoia Lodge supports up to 23 formerly homeless elderly women with permanent supportive housing.

2008 Report Back

A total of 56 families were served at Hope Gardens through 2008. Of those families, 26 have transitioned out. The majority of families who have transitioned from Hope Gardens (54%) have moved into permanent housing. Hope Gardens provided housing, meals, and services to an average of 27 moms, 52 children, and 23 seniors each day in 2008.

Please watch for our new web pages coming in March.

5 thoughts on “Hope Gardens Family Center Update

  1. Felanice Yancy on

    I have a lot of books I would like to donate via my organization at work AATG. I was referred to your organizations through one of our members. Benita Thomas.

  2. I would be willing to donate my reading software to your folks if you have a PC with Internet explorer installed. Tried to phone but no answer. God’s speed.

  3. Hope Rolls on

    Hey i was just wondering if i could come liek once a week after shcool or on the weekends and help out with anything?? i live in Granada Hills. Ca…. i love to help childeren…. i am in the 7th grade and go to villsge christian schools i am 12 if i can help please email me back and tell me some more ifo!

    Sincerely ,
    Hope Rolls

  4. Vegasstyle702 on

    I want to know how i can become involved. I live in Las Vegas.  I myself am ready to make a change and help .   Do you have jobs that pay or is it all on a  voluntary basis ?  Please send more information.  My email address is : vegasstyle702@yahoo.com  My name is Joleen Melton.  Do you have any places in Las Vegas or ever thought about expanding ?  Thanks in advance for all information you can forward.   Thank you. Joleen Melton   

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