URM Wins Gift Legacy Site Award!

Union Rescue Mission was recognized as a 2009 top GiftLegacy/GiftLaw charity. With hundreds of thousands of donors getting their gift planning information online, Crescendo Interactive decided to award GiftLegacy sites with substantial numbers of eNewsletter and website contacts. URM was awarded as a bronze-level charity.

Awarded sites had great eContact or page-view rates for three reasons. First, they had a significant eNewsletter distribution that brought donors and advisors to their website to be educated and motivated in philanthropy. Second, they have an easy one or two-click access from their Hope Page to the Planned Giving Home Page. Finally, each charity has a short “easy to type” web address printed on all their royalty-free GiftLegacy eLiterature (print newsletters, brochures, ads and postcards).

See URM’s Planned Giving site at www.urmgift.org and sign up for GiftLegacy eNewsletters and/or GiftLaw eNewsletters for professionals (i.e. attorneys, CPA’s).

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