Winter Shelters Open Throughout Los Angeles

Yesterday, December 1st,  was the opening day of the annual Winter Shelter Program.  EIMAGO, a subsidiary of Union Rescue Mission, operates 4 of the 14 shelter sites administered by the Los Angeles Housing Services Authority.  This termporary program runs in LA County from December 1st – March 15th each year.  As the weather grows colder, it is a blessing for many to be able to sleep in a warm bed at a winter shelter!

The services offered include overnight shelter, meals, showers, access to the health, mental health, dental & legal aid clinics; in addition to recovery programs, education assessment, job training and personal and/or career development.  Each Winter Shelter Program guest will have an opportunity to transition into longer-term programs that will assist them in their efforts to gain permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

As Andy Bales said, “The purpose isn’t just to welcome them for the night or the winter season…it’s to connect people to services so that they are no longer on the streets. We do have a plan for the day that we don’t have one precious human being on the streets. That’s why we do this.” 

To hear about the impact of the Winter Shelters, click here to watch John’s story or click here to read about this years’ Glendale Shelter.

For more information on how the Winter Shelter Program is run, check out the LAHSA website.

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