December Statistics Update

Here is part of our  Statistics Report for December 2009 so you can see how many lives we touch with the help of our wonderful volunteers, donors, and sponsors!

Key December 2009 Stats (Compared to December 2008)

                    *URM= Union Rescue Mission

                    *WSP= Winter Shelters – Downtown, Glendale, Culver City, and West LA

                    *HG= Hope Gardens Family Center

Meals Served:

URM:  92,369    avg/day: 2980   6% increase

WSP:   39,548   avg/day: 1276    (no 2008 data)

HG:    10,800     avg/day: 348      (same)

Total: 134,699   avg/day: 4345


Nights of Shelter: 

URM:  31,728   avg: 1023    43% increase

WSP:    15,397    avg: 497     (no 2008 data)

HG:      3,866    avg: 125     15% increase

Total: 50,991    avg: 1645  


                    URM:   2767    avg: 89     33% increase

                    HG:     2229     avg: 72     28% increase

                    Total:  4996     avg: 161   31% increase


                    Project Restart Families:      avg: 15 families/night    

                    *family defined as mother-father-child(ren) or single father-child(ren)


 Quick Facts:

  • It’s nearly impossible for whole families and single dads with children who are experiencing homelessness to find a place where they can stay together and receive the help they need. 

            We are caring for 15 of these precious families every night – most are experiencing homelessness for the very first time due to the economy.  

            $128.71 will help provide food, shelter and care for a family of 4 for one day.

            $900.97 will help us care for one of our families for an entire week.

  • Many who become trapped in homelessness have significant barriers to overcome before they can return to a productive life of their own. The longer one remains homeless, the greater the barriers become.

            Union Rescue Mission has life transformation programs to serve the needs of men and women and families who want to break the cycle of homelessness for good. 

            $56.58 will help provide a day of care for one of the brave men or women who have entered our life transformation programs.

            $396.06 will help provide a week of food, shelter and the training and counseling necessary for a successful and lasting transformation. 


  • From December 1st through the end of March, Union Rescue Mission provides shelter for an additional 600 people each night through our Winter Shelter Program.  For some, the Winter Shelters provide the temporary assistance they need to get back on their feet and secure permanent housing of their own.  For others, coming in out of the cold and interacting with one of the caring members of our staff is the first step in their journey towards life transformation.

            $100.00 will help provide emergency services for a family of 3.

            $ 257.60 will help provide an entire week of meals (dinner and a sack lunch for the next day) for 10 winter shelter guests. 

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