March 2010 Statistics Report

Here are few updates on how things have been going for us here at URM:

  • The four Winter Shelters, unfortunately, ended between March 2nd and 15th.  Our downtown Winter Shelter served an average of 293 people per night, which was a 13% increase from last year.


  • Our USC Dental Clinic had 639 visits, while the UCLA medical clinic had about 610.  Pepperdine Legal had 85 visits, and Pepperdine Mental Health had 161 sessions.


  • We commend our many volunteers who put in a whopping 5,608 hours of service this month!


  • 116,054 meals were served in the month of March!  At URM downtown alone we served an average of 2,752 meals per day.


  • During March, an average of 815 people called URM and Hope Gardens home each night.





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