URM on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Tune in tomorrow to see Union Rescue Mission and some of our guests featured on CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful!”

Recently, URM was approached by the show to help them learn more about homelessness and Skid Row, because they had decided to incorporate homelessness into the story line. Well, they ended up coming down to URM to film and some of our guests even got to be featured on the show!

Everyone had a fun time having the cast and crew join us for a day.  We are also very thankful that the issue of homelessness will be shared with a wider audience.  Thanks so much to CBS and ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ for choosing URM to be part of such a special project.

To check out past episodes, including todays, that feature scenes on Skid Row, click here, and be sure to watch tomorrow to see URM on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’!

6 thoughts on “URM on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

  1. Dear Bold and the Beautiful Cast,

    Now I know why they call you the Bold and the Beautiful. Your episodes as of lately have touched me so that it was laid upon my heart to help the homeless. My brother, a former veteran had experienced homelessness and because of this tragedy he was able to reach out to other vets in a VA homeless shelter. Compassion for the homeless has found its way into his heart. Stephanie and Logan, I think the world of your characters and I can see how God has blessed you with compassion. Keep up the good work. Please consider doing this show for an hour each day. Your episodes recently have brought tears of joy to my eyes and have been a real inspiration to my life. Thank you. Linda from Pennsylvania


  3. alice cooke on

    I just want to let everyone know that was involved with the Bold and The Beautiful episodes these past few weeks, well they have touch my heart deeply. I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration you have given me. My heart is filled with such a love and a blessing to go out and help some how. I’m hoping to get involved with helping the homeless. I thank you again for opening my eyes to this mission that our country needs to take care of. I thank God right now for the doors that he will open for all of us to take part. God bless to all.
    Thanks again
    alice cooke
    Wylie Texas

  4. Gwen Lorenz on

    My hat’s off to CBS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!! You have done an outstanding job of opening the eyes of THIS viewer to the homeless situation, not only in Los Angeles, but throughout this nation. There is absolutely no excuse for this wealthy nation to allow any of its citizens to be without a roof over their heads. There is something so wrong when millions of dollars are being spent on political ads yet many of our citizens have no place to call home. I was brought to tears while watching Friday’s episode of B&B. I live in Texas, but I want to help fight the battle of homelessness in Los Angeles. Thank you for the wonderful story line. You deserve an EMMY!!!

  5. Julie Walker on

    Way to go B&B. Well done. I am an avid viewer of B&B and was was pleas.antly surprised at the episodes regarding the homelessness situation in L.A. I was also inspired and have decided to receive more information about the homelessness here in the Maryland area and to learn what I can do to help. Thank you for such an inspirational episodes. It was exactly what I needed to remind myself that there many many people out there that need help just to survive day-to-day.

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