Group Spends Night on the Streets

Last Saturday, a group of people including Andy Bales of URM, Former Mayor Richard Riordian, and representatives from EDAR (Everyone Deserves a Roof) took to the streets of Skid Row for a night. They spent the night in EDARs, which are tent-like structures designed for storage and as an alternative to sleeping on the ground.

Check out this article and video from CBS news to hear more about the night.

2 thoughts on “Group Spends Night on the Streets

  1. Andy,

    I live in Kagel Canyon. Terry Kruegar, Tucker and I have recruited a homeless man named Joseph Thomas (213) 507-6944. He sleeps in an ally at night downtown. He’s extremely intelligent. Tucker paid for his sponsorship to become a Nerium sales person. I paid for his business cards. I am wondering if there is any way you an help this industrious person get off the streets. He’s trying to improve himself, and is very serious about it.
    Terry also set him up with a smart business phone, or maybe Tucker – not sure who paid for the phone, one or the other.

    Could I possibly make a donation, could you possibly get him a vehicle he could live and sleep in – or some other decent arrangement to assist him in getting on his feet again? He is deserving and diligent. He will make it, but he needs some assistance.
    Please call Joseph Thomas, if you can help him – and call me to discuss the donation
    factor. My number is (818) 896-3304 Terry, Tucker, and Donna all live in Kagel Cyn.

    • josiah on


      Thanks for sharing and thanks for reaching out to Joseph and providing some long-term solutions for him! We can definitely help Joseph. We have some different programs/arrangements that could help him with shelter. The best way to get all that info would be to call our main line at 213-347-6300 and ask for the Men’s Contact Office. They can give you all the details you would need. As far as donating, someone will give you a call to talk about specifics.

      Thanks and God bless!

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