The Winter Shelters

As you may know, this winter, thousands of people in LA County will be forced to find shelter in garages, warehouses, cars, parks and even city streets. Cold temperatures and rain make sleeping outside even more dangerous, causing such health problems as the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, hypothermia, and sometimes, even death. That’s why our subsidiary, EIMAGO, Inc, partners with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to open four Winter Shelters each year in Downtown LA, Culver City, West LA, and Glendale.

To learn more about how these Winter Shelters work, why they matter, and how you can get involved, please check out our latest Winter Shelter section on our website, Thank you so much for caring about all the people experiencing homelessness in LA, especially during these winter months. Together, let’s end homelessness as we know it in Los Angeles!


Rev Andy Bales, CEO

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