Caring Ministries Hosts “Celebrating Youth”

Caring Ministries visited Union Rescue Mission this past weekend with their “Celebrating Youth” talent showcase. On Saturday, February 12, visitors and URM guests watched the showcase performance including national finalists as well as a few URM youth acts.

Celebrating Youth

Morris Bland, DeMonja Hayes, and Philip and Isaac Hephzibah entertained with an outstanding break dance routine to the song “Pump Up”.

This little performer shared his gospel gift with the audience.

The event was hosted by celebrity figures Alphonso McAuley, comedian movie actor; Harry J. Lennix, a movie and television actor for twenty years; and Camille Winbush, TV series star. After the event, guests received autographs and Whole Foods gift bags.

Caring Ministries mission is to provide a stage to all youth and talents despite any financial hardship. Thank you for visiting Union Rescue Mission and letting us be a part of such a great show!

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