Glendale Shelter Stories: Meet Marlyn

Marlyn has been coming to winter shelters for three years and is grateful to be back at the Glendale winter shelter this year. He is currently trying to rent rooms as a landlord, but has found it a very unstable and a financially unfruitful endeavor.

Marlyn has struggled with homelessness for much of his life. He is very grateful for the help he receives at the Glendale Winter Shelter; the generous provision has given him a few months to save his money in an effort to escape the vicious cycle of homelessness.

After the shelter closes, Marlyn says he will most likely spend his nights riding the bus back and forth, or try to get some rest in a park, sleeping on the grass.

The Glendale winter shelter is one of four shelters providing local assistance for people experiencing homelessness. Please visit our website for more information or donate to make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

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