“Hope & Soap” Project Blesses Winter Shelter Guests

When Pastor Kelly DuPree of Faith Community Church in West Covina was praying about how to serve people staying in their local winter shelter, he came up with a project called “Hope and Soap”. Basically, the plan was to assemble hygiene kits and hand them out to people on the last day of the shelter. Not only would they hand out the products, but also offer “hope” by providing rides to URM and a place in one of our life transformation programs.

Volunteers from Faith Community helped to pass out over 140 kits, and met 6 people that wanted a ride to come down to URM! Wanting to do more than just provide a “hand-out”, Faith Community partnered with us in a way to do just that – they showed people love and offered them an opportunity to change their lives. Thanks so much to all the great people from Faith Community in West Covina who helped to bless many people this week at the closing of the Winter Shelters.

If your church or organization is interested in partnering with us in any way, please contact Jeremiah Johnson, our Church Relation Representatives at 213-248-1043 or jjohnson@urm.org.

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