First Water Walk of the Year

Los Angeles reached 90 degrees yesterday, so we had our first water walk of the year. Every time the temperature is 85 degrees or higher, we go out to hand out cold water bottles to every thirsty person on Skid Row.

After circling the URM neighbourhood, we passed out about 50 cases of cold water bottles and brought a little bit of comfort to every one out in the heat.

To show love to the people of Skid Row, Andy makes sure that  every person we walk past has a cold bottle in their hand.

In these warm weather conditions people were appreciative to recieve water from Andy and our other staff volunteering on this hot day. As summer approaches, we will begin to have water walks more frequently. Follow Andy on Twitter or our Facebook page for updates, and as always, anyone is welcom to join us for a Water Walk to bless the people in our community!

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