Feeling Strong and Hopeful!

I just returned from a fantastic, encouraging Association of Gospel Rescue Missions Conference, and heard from many faithful people how much they have been praying for me! 

I want to let you know that your prayers have been powerful!  Your prayers, God’s healing touch, a very strict diet, lots of exercise, and strong medicine from my brilliant doctors have helped me make a remarkable improvement!

Last Thanksgiving my kidneys failed, and for a few weeks I thought I was not going to make it. I certainly was believing I would have to retire and go on disability, as I signed up and went through the testing for possible kidney dialysis and a kidney transplant.    My world was turned a bit upside down.  

However, with some encouraging words by my Dr. that I needed to “work until I dropped”, strong support from my wife and the team at URM, tripling of my medication, and going on a strict low phosphorous and low potassium diet, mostly made up of vegetables, fruits and water, along with 8 weeks of shots of procrit to boost my red blood cells and rid me of dizziness I was experiencing, my kidney function has improved from 16% to 22%, moving me far away from dialysis for the time being. 

I’ve not only improved remarkably in kidney function, but I’ve lost 34 lbs and my red blood cell count has improved so much that I no longer need the expensive shots of procrit, and my cholesterol is so good that any blockage in my heart and arteries is being reduced! In fact, at Thanksgiving 15 out of my 15 blood tests were abnormal.  Now only 9 out of 15 tests are at abnormal levels. 

I haven’t had a diet coke, chocolate, cheese, dairy of any kind, chips, potatoes, and my favorite sweet potatoes or baked beans in over 26 weeks, but it is easy to follow a diet when it keeps you alive and doing the work that you love!  Thanks, again, for your faithful prayers!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Strong and Hopeful!

  1. Joanncarey on

    Andy, I’m so glad to get this good news about your health.  You’re just going to keep getting better and better.  Hooray!

    • Unionrescuemission@gmail.com on

      Thank you, Joann! Bless you!

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