We Know Her As Kat!


The Union Rescue Mission EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH program has been going strong for over a year and continues to be a wonderful time for our staff to nominate come and celebrate a member of our team that has gone above and beyond.  It’s especially fun for me because I get to introduce all the nominees during our Tuesday Morning Chapel Service and announce the winner as the entire room erupts into cheering as they give their peer a standing ovation!

On Many occasions, including our most recent recipient, the winner is someone who graduated from one of our Life Transformation Programs before joining our staff.  I thought you might like to read the nomination we received for our August 2011 Employee of the Month: KATHLEEN  PITT

Kathleen (Kat) Pitt works in Maintenance at Hope Gardens Family Center.  Kat, as we know her, has gone way above and beyond so many times it is difficult to pin one thing down.  She started in the Program at HGFC with her daughter Zoe and graduated almost 3 years ago.  Kat is always willing to stay and help when help is needed.  Even if that means she is by herself on a project.  Kat comes in at all hours of the night to assist with emergencies and never complains about the time.  Kat has recently come to URM downtown to assist with the kitchen shutdown and worked several days, and one day over 13 hours to try and get us up and going.

Over the years she has been a mentor to the ladies at Hope Gardens, but beyond that she regularly attends AA meetings and continues to have a sponsor.  Kat has also been asked on several occasions to speak at Pepperdine University along with Dr. Paulette about her experience with domestic violence and I have heard that many times she has made a huge impact on the audience.  I am sure some of you saw her as one of the models last year at our Hearts for Hope Fashion Show Fundraiser.

She regularly leads groups of volunteers at HGFC and the common thing I hear as they leave is “WE LOVE KAT”.  I always respond with – “what isn’t there to love about Kat!”

Last year Kat was working her regular shift at HGFC and saw a lady outside the gate stumbling down the road.  She immediately went over to check on her and realized the lady had no clothing on and had been shot in the head.  Putting her own safety in jeopardy since she didn’t know where the shooter was, she rescued her and saved her life.

Kat was also a huge help in the untimely death of our Chef at HGFC by calling for help and administering CPR until help arrived.  She is selfless and believes in our Mission and what we do.  Kat continues to impress me with how far she has come.

I often think not only of the example she sets for the women at Hope Gardens, but also the example she sets for me.  I could go on for 10 more pages, but I think you get the idea of what kind of person I am nominating here.  Kat exudes our Mission Statement – Exceeds the need all the way home – and beyond by showing the love and compassion that we all strive for.  Kat never asks for recognition for herself or wants any thanks.  She just keeps on moving forward and loves what she does.”

Kat’s story is wonderful example of the miracles that take place everyday at Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center…miracles we all share in as work together to end homelessness in the City of Angels.


Rev. Andy Bales

2 thoughts on “We Know Her As Kat!

  1. jane on

    she is an awsome lady…i just love her. she is so warm and freindly .. she is always working and looking out for the best of what she does… i live at hope gardens and i am pretified of snakes.. they are here during the season… of warm weather and i went crazy every time i stepped out side.. i got word she kills  them babies.. well i talked to her and she is the only one who took the time to explain about them to me ..  yes i am still scaref of them but living with it better and not having so many fears..  she took the time and that meant a lot to me. she was the only person who made me feel okay … about snakes. she is a warm and freindly person.. always taking time to say hello to others and me. always with a smile. god bless her..

  2. Vmejorado75 on

    I can’t believe how far she has come. I miss u kat as well as lil zoe. I am so proud of u and to have even known u. God bless u for all u do.

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