13 Men in Cap and Gown – URM Graduation

On Sunday, November 6th, the Union Rescue Mission presented its traditional graduation ceremony for those men successfully completing its intensive one-year Christian Life Discipleship Program with its focus on “Life Transformation…from the inside, out”. Each of the men graduating participated and completed:

  • 1,000 hours of Work Therapy
  • 144 hours of Bible/Recovery Classes
  • 50+ hours Biblical 12-Step Program
  • 200 hours Education and Vocational Training at URM’s Bank of America Learning Center
  • 200 hours of Physical Fitness classes
  • 100+ hours of attendance in Servant Leadership and URM Family Devotions
  • 52 weeks of Sunday Church Attendance
  • 20 hours of Individual Counseling with the URM Chaplains

Held in URM’s Main Chapel, 13 men in caps and gowns entered the auditorium to ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ to be presented to their families and friends, as well as URM Staff and other program participants. Emotions ran high; families and relationships that had been broken and strained had been mended, in many cases addictions conquered and the atmosphere was tense with excitement and anticipation.

The assembled audience of guests, visitors and graduates heard from Mr. Scott Minerd, Chief Investment Officer, Guggenheim Partners, the Keynote Speaker for the ceremony. Hearts were warmed and touched by Scott Minerd’s recounting of the story behind the hymn, “Amazing Grace” at which point he shared that it was, indeed, God’s amazing grace, that had saved ‘…a wretch like me’. CLDP graduate Greg McNeal then followed with the words of appreciation from the graduating class, citing the enormous and deep impact URM’s chaplains had had on each man’s life, how every person at Union Rescue Mission, be they staff or guest alike, combined to transform lives with their dedication and attitude.

After each man had crossed the stage and received his certificate of completion, amidst applause and acclaim from everyone in attendance, Rev. Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission addressed the assembled guests and graduates expressing his deep, heartfelt appreciation, gratitude and pride in the accomplishment of the men and announcing that URM was about to enter a new era in life transformation “…where job opportunities will be available to graduates of the CLDP…”.

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A big thank you to Melissa Lundie for these wonderful photos!

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  1. Jim and Judy Halvorsen on

    Good-good news! Congratulations to all and blessings in the days ahead.

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