Help Portrait Visits URM – Pictures Worth A Million Words

Many of us take for granted the fact that we can pull out a camera and capture significant moments, experiences, and beauty with loved ones around us.  Many guests and program participants at Union Rescue Mission do not have that luxury, and in their case, a picture really is worth a million words.

This past weekend, Help Portrait, with over 300 locations around the world, blessed individuals with the gift of a picture.  There were five Help Portrait locations in LA.  URM was blessed to be one of them.  Over 40 volunteers photographed over 80 people and distributed the photos to the subjects.  These photos tell stories of redemption, reconciliation, gratitude, and love.

Please take a moment to view the pictures and read the powerful captions written by the subjects.

A big Thank you goes out to Help Portrait LA for partnering with URM for a 2nd year and blessing the men, women, and children of URM who are experiencing homelessness this Christmas season.

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