Keep Hope Alive

Dear Friends,

It’s been two years since we alerted you and our many contributors that Hope Gardens Family Center was in jeopardy of closing. In response to our plea, more than 5000 friends responded with financial gifts to keep it open and thriving. It didn’t matter what size the gift was, what made the difference was the number of caring people who responded generously. We raised $3.8 Million in 37 days and kept Hope alive. Thank you!

We are in a similar position today.  We need to receive an outpouring of generous gifts from as many of our faithful friends as possible.  Here’s why:

  • We plan on moving 12 more moms and their children to the safety of Hope Gardens, bringing Hope Gardens to capacity.
  • We plan on strengthening our downtown recovery program for women, making it on par with our excellent men’s recovery program.
  • We plan on strengthening our job readiness program to the point where we can place our program graduates into careers that will absolutely end their homelessness.
  • We plan on bringing some much needed relief and encouragement to our hard working staff.

The first step towards accomplishing all this and much more, is to finish this fiscal year strong by hitting our budgeted income goal.  To ensure our success, we need to raise $4.8 Million between now and June 30th.  If we do not, our plans for the coming year will be put on hold. I can’t begin to express how devastating it would be to our team and to me personally if we do not raise these funds by June 30th.

For the last 3 years our dedicated staff has worked hard, sacrificed, and welcomed our guests with love.  They’ve taken two 5% pay cuts, accepted increased work loads and had their wages frozen.  And as disappointing as it would be to postpone the plans we have to improve our programs, what’s even more troubling to me, actually, heart-wrenching, is the thought that we will not be able to carryout our plans to restore a small portion of the benefits our dedicated team has given up for the sake of those we serve.

We simply must hit our budget goal for FY2012 by June 30th!

There are some who’d like to see Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens fade into the sunset and disappear. They don’t believe in recovery or life transformation.  However, the 2700 guests who count on us each day for a good meal, and our 700 resident guests who are diligently involved in recovering their lives in our transformation programs believe strongly in the life saving work of Union Rescue Mission.  I know that you do as well.  Thank you!

I too believe strongly in the work of Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens.  I’ve poured my life into it! As you know, I’ve stayed on, battling kidney failure, in hopes of helping URM & Hope Gardens move into the future in a strong position. It would be tough on me to not see us succeed.

As you consider giving an extra gift at this time,  please consider the powerful life-transforming work of Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens, remember our miracle from 2 years ago that kept Hope Gardens going strong in the midst of the Great Recession, and give what you can to help URM and Hope Gardens move into 2012-2013 with great strength.

The size of the gift you send is not as important as simply responding.  Your generous gift, joined with others will Keep Hope Alive in the hearts of our dedicated staff and make a huge impact in the lives of our precious guests.

Your co-worker in Christ,

Andy Bales

Ps. Your generous giving makes life transformation possible for the men, women and precious children living at Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center.  Thank you!

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