Hannah Forster – Making a BIG Difference

Hannah started with a flyer. The idea was simple – hand it out to her neighbors, ask them to collect clothes they would be willing to donate, and Hannah would swing by and pick them up.

“Each year I look for ways to make the world a better place” says Hannah.

Well Hannah, that is exactly what you are doing.

Hannah collected 80 bags of clothing to bless the families at Union Rescue Mission.

It is people like this that are making a difference in the lives of families experiencing homelessness in LA. Little acts of love go a very long way. We can’t thank Hannah and all of her neighbors and friends who donated enough.

4 thoughts on “Hannah Forster – Making a BIG Difference

  1. Isabel Martinez-Campos on

    Just awesome!

  2. Miss Nita on

    Great job! Just think of the people you are blessing. You are already an example to many.

  3. Nancy Walker on

    You are an inspiration Hannah!!

  4. Charlotte on

    Hannah your grandmother that passed away sure would be proud. I know your family is.
    Your an incredible young girl.

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