The Government May Have Shut Down, But Union Rescue Mission Continues To Run!


If you have been watching the news, the United States Federal Government has been shut down. But Union Rescue Mission (URM) continues its operation because we do not rely on any type of government funding. For over 122 years, we have relied on funds and gifts-in-kind procured from generous individuals, foundations, businesses, and churches. We are also blessed to see thousands of volunteers gift their time for the countless needs of the Mission.

Each year URM provides more than 750,000 meals, 250,000 nights of shelter, and 15,000 free health and legal clinic sessions to the precious souls living on Skid Row. For the men who want to rebuild their lives we offer our Christian Life Discipleship Program: an intense, in-depth 12 month plan focused on transforming their entire lives—to ultimately become independent and successful members of their communities.

Especially in this uncertain time, it will take all of our resources to continue to offer our comprehensive service and life transformative programs.
As the end of the shutdown is not in sight, we expect more and more people to come through our doors – but we pray and hope that we will continue to receive the private donations needed to help the broken and lost people of Skid Row.

One thought on “The Government May Have Shut Down, But Union Rescue Mission Continues To Run!

  1. Jesus Garcia on

    My wife and I are looking for a place to volunteer as a family on Thanksgiving Day. We would love to help. My children’s ages are 15, 10 and 9. Thank you.

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