Exit Through the Thrift Shop

Union Rescue Mission Thrift Store

Many of you have been crucial partners in our work to fight homelessness in Skid Row, and have heard the many stories of Life Transformation that have written within these walls. But most of our guests today need more than a transformed life to escape homelessness — they also need a job.

With the opening of our new Thrift store in Covina, we are trying to help our program participants take the next step. We believe by getting them a job that they can truly exit Skid Row through the Thrift Shop.


How Can You Help?

1. Donate

When you donate your new and gently used goods to Union Rescue Mission Thrift Store, you know it is going to have a positive, long lasting impact. In fact, it is going to transform lives. Your donations, big and small, all add up to hope for men, women and children experiencing homelessness. 

We are now accepting clothing, accessories, furniture, furnishings, household/kitchen items, jewelry, art, and many other new and lightly used items!

To schedule a pick-up, call 626-915-3417
Donation drop-off at URM Thrift Store From 9:00am until 4:00pm (Monday – Saturday)

2. Shop

Every item you purchase from the URM Thrift Store goes directly back into the lives of the people who are struggling with homelessness. From the man who walks into the Mission deciding it is the final time he will quit a life of drugs, to the mother and child who are running away from years of domestic abuse, your purchase will go a long way to see that they are all embraced by the love of Christ.

Early Bird Special
Every Tuesday receive a 25% Discount from 9:00am until 12:00pm.

URM Thrift Store 
280 E. Arrow Hwy
Covina 91722
Phone: 626-915-3417

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday 9:00 to 6:00
Closed Sundays


2 thoughts on “Exit Through the Thrift Shop

  1. Jason Spruill on

    My name is Jason Spruill. I am staying at the Russ Hotel right now. My phone was shut off on Friday and I have no way of getting it back on. I am currently unemployed. I am from Arkansas and things have not gone as planned since coming LA which I’m sure they never do. I would love to bring my knowledge of retail to your store if at all possible. I can be contacted by the email on here which is hawgdaddy24@gmail.com or hawgdaddy24@yahoo.com Thank you in advance for any help.

    Jason Spruill

  2. Kevin Jones on

    My name is Kevin Jones. I am a student at Citrus College carrying 12 units this fall in pursuit of my A.S. Degree. I am 52 years old, a recent survivor of late stage squamous cell cancer, also a recent widower, and currently I aam homeless. Due to the difficulties with health, and with the financial and emotional impact of the loss of my wife Rosetta, i was forced out of my home five months ago. Since that time my gpa has sufferred to the point that i have lost my financial aid eligibility; a review of the schools financial aid policy reveals that my circumstances match the criteria necessary for reinstatement, and i have filed the necessary appeal in an attempt to get reinstated. The fact remains i am homeless, without a stable place to sleep, to practice the necessary hygiene, and to store, prepare, and maintain a healthy diet which is crucial to my success both as q student and as a candidate for longterm survival of the potentially fatal illness i have begun to recover from. I recieve SSDI in the amount of $961.40 per month and have been diligently searching for affirdable housing in the area served by Citrus College. Sadly I have been unable to find anyone willing to rent to me. in terms of student housing, i have replied to no less than 100 ads from people claiming to have rooms for rent within my budget, and have found discrimination due to my age to be the main cause for my continued predicament. Today, 9/6/14, my cash for the month ran out, this is typical as my check routinely lasts 10 days each month due to the costs of motels, monthly storage unit rental, meals, and transportation negate my ability to save nor stretch my funds any further. Because my benefit loads onto a prepaid debit cqrd rather than q regular bank account, i recieve the funds early, in this months case, August 26. And for the same reason, the prepaid debit card, i find myself subject to high fees which also haveva negative impact in my ongoing predicament. I am writing because I approached the new Thrift Store on Arrow Highway to seek employment opportunity. I was directed to this website in search of an application, but could not find one. i am on the streets with no access to a regular computer and am forced not only to use the mobile site for job search, but also to try and keep up with technology dependent curriculum. i am sinking here. i recently sought to transfer to trade tech due to its proximity to SRO and other low income housing opporrunities, but found that it ia very difdicult to transfer once beyond rhe halfway point in my particular major, and foynd further that as a single adult male with no dependants, i belong to a demographic for which the H.U.D. allotments to curtail homelessness simply fails at the point of distribution for various reasons that are clearly discernable. So my request this evening extends to housing assistance as well as employment at the local thrift store being established, my request is urgent, as i am entering a weekend without food or shelter, and am tethered to a community i cannot abandon without also abandoning 1 1/2 years of effort and taxpayer expense toward ending my disability from the cancer diagnosis as well as the near emitionally and financially crippling loss of my beloved wife Rosetta.

    Kevin Jones
    626 945-4881

    (phone aervice may be discontinued, may be reached by email as well)

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