Cycle to Save Lives

Cycle to Save LivesA friend of both URM CEO Andy Bales & Union Rescue Mission has offered a $250,000 matching gift to, if Andy, who recently received a new prosthetic lower right leg, would ride from downtown Los Angeles to Sacramento on his days off in June, & invite his friends to join him along the way as they can, either on their bikes or via social media, or by financially supporting guests.

Andy is hoping friends of URM will support the ride, not only to help make up a huge $3.6 Million shortfall caused by the huge increase in homelessness in LA & our best attempt to meet the demand, but also to send a message to our leaders that precious people living on our streets is Unacceptable!

Hope Gardens 4
This will be the route starting this Saturday June 10 & 11th, beginning downtown LA at City Hall, South Lawn Sidewalk at Sunrise, 5:16 AM. Andy will communicate the following ride dates & where he is on the route via Andy Bales Facebook Page & Andy Bales Fan Page Union Rescue Mission Fan Page & Andy Bales on Strava &

Other likely ride dates are June 16th, 17th, 18th, possibly 19th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 30th & July 1-3 if needed. :)

We will pick up each time where we left off. I’ll communicate this clearly through social media mentioned above, as well as our fundraising progress. If you can join me, bring plenty of water, food, and perhaps a bedroll. There will be very little support along the way except for a few kind friends, & experiencing homelessness along the way may be inevitable. I guess that is part of the point & experience of the ride.

Email Andy or you want more information. Or call 626-260-4761.

Hope Gardens 4

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