Kenneth Chancey: Escaping Homelessness

“I share my story for my brothers and sisters who are still on the streets, to let them know that escaping the darkness is possible. I share my story to shine a light of hope which is too often overlooked.”

Kenneth Chancey first experienced homelessness at the age of 11, and was a sophomore in high school when his family moved into Union Rescue Mission.

Kenneth was a recipient of the 2017 Dare to Dream Award, and today he works for the City of Los Angeles as a Legislative Deputy to Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson.

Please watch his inspiring speech from the Dare to Dream Gala to learn more about how he was able to overcome adversity thanks to the generous support of donors like YOU, who are making a direct impact in the lives of so many.

As Kenneth states in his moving speech, “Helping people house their families, educate their children, and caring for the sick is not an act of charity, but for too many people it may be a lifeline of support that helps them hold on to their life!

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