“The One Legged Man Goes Over The Edge” – Over the Edge 2020


Join Union Rescue Mission’s CEO Andy Bales (One legged Man) as he goes 25 stories down from the roof of the Hilton/Los Angeles in Universal City on October 2nd and 3rd as part URM’s annual “Take the Leap” to Fight Homelessness fundraising event. To do this, each participant must raise $1,000 or more by 6:00am on October 2nd 2020! Raising money is made easy by signing up on our URMOverTheEdge.org website and using the social media tools on the site. Why do something so crazy? First, because it’ll be one heck of a view from up there. Second, because it’s not actually crazy, it’s completely safe. And third — most importantly — because the crisis of homelessness has reached epidemic proportions so we need to take drastic action now. Help us take action by going “Over the Edge” in support! What a thrilling way to raise money to help those devastated by homelessness in Los Angeles.

“The One Legged Man Goes Over The Edge”Andy Bales says “We truly will do whatever it takes to take on the crisis of homelessness and our beloved brothers and sisters suffering on the streets.”






Media Photo Opportunities:   

  • Media VIP Day  10/2 – 11:00am-6:00pm
  • Second day of Rappels – 10/3 – 9:00am-1:00pm


For more information contact:

Kitty Davis-Walker
VP of Public Relations

(213) 673-4585 or (213) 507-5562


Alexandra Monsibaez
PR Coordinator
(213)673-4882 or (213)200-1758

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