Michael's Story

Michael had closed off the pain in his life with heroin but God got through.

Michael never felt like he belonged anywhere.

His family didn't fill the need. His dad left when he was 10. His mom died five years later.

On his own, Michael felt lost. Abandoned. Unloved. He ended up on the streets, where he was introduced to heroin. Before long, staying high became the only way he could get through the day.

Then Michael overdosed. Though he went to rehab, he says, "I actually stopped using for a hot minute", before he relapsed again.

His plan was to move to San Diego, but he got as far as downtown Los Angeles — on Skid Row.

"Man, I never saw anything like that," he remembers. "I looked at all those tents, people smoking crack, and I didn't want any part of that. I came straight to Union Rescue Mission for help."

With the help of his chaplains, counseling, and studying his Bible, Michael's eyes began to see differently. He began to see his life differently — as a gift, bought and paid for by Jesus.

"I used to be this hard, evil guy," Michael shares. "But Jesus died for me. He saved me from my sins. And when God raised Him from the dead, He gave me new life, too."

“Heroin and the streets.
That's all I knew.”

Give the Gift of a New Life

This Easter, Michael is why your gift is so important. Help those devastated by homelessness on Skid Row experience God's unfailing love.


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The powerful hope of Easter

Easter has proven once and for all that nothing is beyond God's power to overcome. Not sin. Not death.

Up and down the streets of Skid Row, God is knocking on the doors of people's hearts, whispering to them: It's time for your life to change. This was never the way you were meant to live. You matter. Your life is valuable and precious.

Union Rescue Mission is here to help

Union Rescue Mission, located in the very heart of Skid Row, welcomes all who are ready for their lives to change — men, women, children, and families. Those who enter into our programs can feel the love of God at work here.

This Easter, you have an incredible opportunity to share God's life-transforming love with those who have been devastated by homelessness.

Will you help now?

Your gift of any amount will provide life-transforming care at Union Rescue Mission to make new life possible for our neighbors devastated by homelessness this Easter season.

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Help hurting people this Easter

Your gift will help men, women, children, and families devastated by homelessness escape the streets and start a new life this Easter.

Make tonight their last night on Skid Row

DeadlineYour gift today will help rescue more people from the dangerous summer streets and offer hope for a new life. to give: June 30