Ruby’s Story

Ruby used to hide her pain and shame. Then she realized she wasn't alone.

Watch Ruby's inspiring story now.

When Ruby first came to Hope Gardens, she wore a black hoodie to cover her face because she didn't want anyone to see her.

Most of her childhood was spent on the streets, in cars, and motels. As she grew older, the cycle of homelessness continued.

A mom of three, she was managing to pay the weekly motel bill where they were living. Then her grandfather passed away and her world came crashing down.

"He was everything to me. I went to the funeral, said my goodbyes, and when I came back I was let go. They fired me," Ruby says. "All I could think about was what am I gonna do to pay the room? Where are we gonna go? I broke down because I don't want my kids being on the street."

Ruby called 211 for help and was referred to Union Rescue Mission. Three months later, she was referred to Hope Gardens.

When she first arrived, Ruby says, "I was angry. I was tired. I was frustrated. I was miserable. I wasn't happy with myself."

Then one day while she was in class, she heard a testimony that felt like her own. At that moment, she felt the presence of God like she never had before.

She shares: "My faith that day, it grew into something so beautiful, so pure. It was because of His grace, His love, that I was able to get out of where I was at and be the person who I am, who I was truly meant to be."

“I cried because I'm not alone. There's other
people who feel my pain.”

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The powerful hope of Easter

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Up and down the streets of Skid Row, God is knocking on the doors of people's hearts, whispering to them: It's time for your life to change. This was never the way you were meant to live. You matter. Your life is valuable and precious.

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Union Rescue Mission, located in the very heart of Skid Row, welcomes all who are ready for their lives to change — men, women, children, and families. Those who enter into our programs can feel the love of God at work here.

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