This month we wanted to share Christian’s Story.

“As someone who works at the Mission’s third-floor clothing room every day, I witness firsthand the challenges that many of our clients face when they come to us without even basic necessities such as shoes and socks. I am a product of the Mission’s transformative programs. Like many guests, I struggled with drug addiction for 17 years and felt like a loser with no hope. But through the Mission’s holistic approach, I was able to seek mental health and receive therapy, graduate from the program, and become an apprentice. Now, I am committed to helping others in the same way that I was helped. I lead Operation Hope, a program where we go out on the streets and talk to people about how the Mission can help them get off the streets, regain their footing, and restart their lives. I also work in the clothing room, providing clothing and other necessities to those who need them most.” Christian
Our clothing room provides clothing, shoes, and other essential items to men and women struggling to make ends meet. We are proud to offer a wide range of clothing options, from dressy shoes for gentlemen to sweaters, socks, shirts, jeans, and pants. For many of our clients, these items are practical and provide a sense of dignity and self-respect.
But our work at the Mission goes far beyond just providing clothing and food. We offer a comprehensive Christian Life discipleship program that helps individuals reintegrate into society, become productive members of their communities, and regain their sense of purpose and self-worth. Our program includes mental health counseling and partnerships with Pepperdine psychology students, who serve as counselors to help our men in the program.
Holistic life transformation is what we are all about. Thanks to you, we can provide physical needs by providing essential items to those who need them most, mental health needs, thanks to our partners at Pepperdine, and spiritual needs through our Chaplain programs like our CLDP program.

We could not do this life-saving, life-changing work without you.


Andy Bales

Scott Minerd