Winter Shelters: Glendale

Since December 1st, the LA county Winter Shelters have been providing assistance, meals, and housing for those experiencing homelessness all around the Los Angeles area.

Looking for a safe haven from the winter cold, the rainy weather, and hopelessness of living in a situation of homelessness, hundreds of people have found the EIMAGO shelters. EIMAGO is a Union Rescue Mission subsidiary, who has worked with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to provide four additional shelters for the winter months. These shelters will be closing March 15th, a recent worry on many guests’ minds.

The Glendale winter shelter has been a place called home by over a hundred people these past months. Over this past weekend, numbers were higher than usual due to the rainy nights. Having decided to never turn anyone away, the shelter provided beds to over 200 individuals Saturday night.

Dinner was also served to an over-capacity crowd with the help of volunteers, people who dedicate many nights each week to this particular shelter.

Return back tomorrow for some stories of those currently calling Glendale Winter Shelter their home.