Project Restart Kicks Off With Open House

Union Rescue Mission and its affiliate Eimago, Inc. unite in a

historic partnership between the City and the County of Los Angeles


Through a new grant program administered by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Eimago has transformed a triplex and duplex generously donated by the City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency.  The project is designed to provide emergency housing for nine families that are experiencing homelessness.  Operations are being funded by the County of Los Angeles for the sole purpose of getting vulnerable families off of the dangerous streets of Skid Row and into a safe family environment.


Come celebrate the launch of Project Restart with an Open House and tour. The Project Restart Emergency Housing Program provides an environment that promotes healing for families experiencing homelessness.


Project Restart Open House and Barbeque

Thursday, May 13th 2010

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

2528 Orange Drive, Los Angeles 90016

Families in this unique program are placed in safe housing away from the precarious streets of Skid Row where support staff will assist them in getting back on their feet. The mission is to provide a wide range of supportive case management, housing advocacy, employment assistance, children’s tutoring and after-school programs, along with other needed services, to remove the obstacles for these vulnerable families so they can rapidly return to permanent independent housing. Partnerships with a variety of other service providers both on-site and in the community make a way for educational support, financial management, medical, dental, legal, life skills training and mental health support.


From Andy Bales, CEO of Eimago and the Union Rescue Mission, “This program is a historic partnership between the City and the County.  We need more often to see these two bodies come together in one accord to tackle a problem like homelessness.  This is a complex issue and it takes a village.  We need more opportunities where community based organizations, faith-based organizations and all facets of local government come together with a common purpose to say ‘together we are stronger and we can solve homelessness, one family at a time’.”


Union Rescue Mission

Since 1891 The Union Rescue Mission (URM) has been providing a variety of services to those who find themselves homeless and impoverished in Los Angeles.  URM’s subsistence services are delivered free of charge to those in need and without any requirements – providing emergency programs that offer food, showers, hygiene items, mail services and shelter.  For those seeking a program of reintegration, URM provides recovery programs for men, women and children using education, job training, counseling, legal assistance, twelve-step programs, transitional housing, medical care, dental services, healthy meals, safe shelter and clean clothing. In June 2007, Hope Gardens Family Center opened in Sylmar – an innovative solution for families transitioning from homelessness. 

Eimago, Inc.

Eimago is a public benefit corporation and a strategic partner with the Union Rescue Mission building on its 118 years of service to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Eimago works with public sector agencies and funding to extend the continuum of care for the clients at URM and similar agencies serving those who find themselves homeless.


Leveraging provides additional programs that offer sustainability and longer-term care beyond emergency shelter for targeted populations, such as those who find themselves homeless, the addicted, those released from incarceration, veterans, the elderly and low income families.

(Not) Alone in the World

When Union Rescue Mission saw this economic downturn happening before our eyes, we made an unusual choice. We decided to not only stay on course welcoming those struggling in poverty with the love of Christ, but in order to live up to our history during the Great Depression, we stepped it up a notch to meet the growing need. We converted our 5th floor, previously saved for VIP’s and volunteer groups (and me if I ever needed to spend the night), into housing for two-parent families and single Dads with children, two groups we had not often seen coming to the Mission previously. Since making that choice, we’ve seen some incredible things. Our meals have gone up nearly 40%, as we served 3,450 in one day alone last week. Last night 929 souls found shelter under our roof. Dozens of families have arrived on our 5th Floor, Project Restart as we call it, and a number of families have been placed in transitional and permanent housing thanks to our efforts and partners working with us. As of last night, 15 families with 39 children, a total of 61 people, occupy this 5th floor space that was largely under utilized in the past.

This includes one very special family awaiting their first baby. A co-worker came to my office on Monday and told me that we had a couple who had lost their housing and were seeking shelter, but all of our rooms were full. Not only were all of our rooms full, but even our tent-like structures, EDARs, were in use. My co-worker also let me know that the husband is working and the expectant mom is 9 months pregnant, due any day. We did what we always do. We searched for a place to put this precious family. We found an unused, cleaned up EDAR unit, and placed it in our 5th Floor Conference room. The expectant couple was thrilled to lay their heads down in a safe place and get some much needed rest.

I am sure that this young couple felt deserted, abandoned, and alone in the world when they came to our doors. Even as they entered I am sure they felt some fear and trepidation, but as they entered, because of the commitment and courage of our Board of Directors and staff, they were embraced with the love of Christ. Today, the young husband is figuring out ways to have his employer bless the other families with food donations and anxiously asking about a parenting class he can attend so that he can be a good father to his first born. Pray for this little one. She is very special. She is the reason we stepped up in a time of need.