For just $16.10, you can help a woman escape the streets of Skid Row and find safe shelter in our new Sprung structure.

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Women on Skid Row suffer unimaginable devastation

In the past year, the number of women devastated by homelessness on Skid Row has jumped 35%.

A woman on Skid Row faces many challenges and risks, including the lack of a safe place to sleep, and a lack of hygiene products or restrooms.

That's why we are opening our new Sprung structure, which will shelter an additional 120 women, giving them a safe place to sleep for the night, out of harm's way, and offering them a way out of homelessness.

Will you help now?

For a gift of $16.10, you can provide a whole day of immediate care for a woman devastated by homelessness in our new Sprung structure, including a shower, counseling, and the chance to start a new life.


Every day of living on the streets can rob a woman of her dignity and self-worth. Help provide shelter and care for a woman in our new Sprung structure for just $16.10 a day.


Your gift of $16.10 will provide a day of safe shelter and care for one woman.


Your love in action

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This is your opportunity to rescue hurting women who have been devastated by homelessness and restore their dignity, to help them see themselves as God sees them. Precious, valued, and beautiful.

Your gift of $16.10 today will provide a day of safe shelter for one woman in our new Sprung structure, and offer life-transforming care to help her start a new life.

Thank you for your caring for women coming off the streets.

Provide safe shelter and immediate care

Your gift of $16.10 will provide a day of safe shelter, counseling, and care in our new Sprung structure for a woman devastated by homelessness.

Make tonight their last night on Skid Row

DeadlineYour gift today will help rescue more people from the dangerous summer streets and offer hope for a new life. to give: June 30