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The Mission – February 2017

The Mission - February 2017 4

The Life-Changing Power of Education Growing up experiencing homelessness, abuse, and abandonment, Kenneth struggled in school. Few people gave him much of a chance. But when he came to Union Rescue Mission at 15, he found the stability he needed. See how your support helped Kenneth excel in this month’s eNewsletter. Read More »

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Stories from Skid Row – Sebastian

Stories from Skid Row: Sebastian

Homelessness is devastating for kids. When little Sebastian’s mother struggled, he ended up in foster care. Before reuniting with his mom at Union Rescue Mission’s Hope Gardens Family Center, he started acting out at school. His anger grew and his grades suffered.

Thanks to friends like you, Sebastian is getting the medical attention and loving care he needs at Hope Gardens Family Center. Every child suffering in homelessness in Los Angeles deserves that kind of care.

Stories from Skid Row – Myra

Stories from Skid Row: Myra

Myra has overcome so much in her life . . . sexual abuse as a child, a 20-year drug addiction, and working to regain custody of her daughter. But then she learned she would be fighting for her very life — she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.


Thanks to friends like you, Myra is getting the care she needs at Union Rescue Mission. But so many other hurting souls are struggling to escape the streets of Skid Row and overcome homelessness, poverty, and addiction.

2017 Rose Parade

2016 Rose Parade 1

This year Union Rescue Mission is honored to announce they have been selected to participate in the prestigious Tournament of Roses Parade 2017! To commemorate 125 years of service to people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, we honor how it all began by riding in a Gospel Wagon with vintage costumes from the year 1891.

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Christmas Steak Dinner

“One of the highlights of my year is grilling steaks on the URM roof for all of our beloved guests, and on a rare year catching a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean from our rooftop”

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