Supporter Endorsements

Reba McEntire

Musician and Actress

“As a professional singer and actress, God has blessed me my entire career. But God has also richly blessed me with a wonderful husband and four precious children — and to me, family is more important that anything else. So when I saw a news report on TV a couple of years ago about all the families experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles and at Union Rescue Mission, I knew I had to help. To me, no other organization in Los Angeles is doing as much to help these precious families get back on their feet. If family is as important to you as it is to me, please support this wonderful organization.”

Frank Pastore

Former Pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, and Radio Host

“I have the privilege of talking about a lot of important issues on my radio program at KKLA. But when Andy Bales recently joined me on my program to talk about the possibility of closing Hope Gardens, and sending dozens of single mothers and their children back to Skid Row, my heart just broke. There are many reasons people end up homeless, but no mother or child should have to spend a single night homeless — especially on Skid Row. We must solve this problem. Union Rescue Mission is committed to helping mothers and their children escape this tragedy and I fully endorse this important calling.”

Andre Ethier

Los Angeles Dodgers Player

“My visit to the Union Rescue Mission was really eye opening. The mission does incredible work to help people get back on their feet and assist those in need. They should be very proud of all that they have accomplished and I’m honored to have been a tiny part of it.”

Jason Hart

Retired NBA Player

“I support the Union Rescue Mission because they do so much more than provide thousands of meals and emergency services to the homeless every day. They also provide job training, educational instruction, and long term rehabilitation so the homeless can get off the street and back into society. I’m proud to support this outstanding organization.”

James K. Hahn

Former Mayor, Los Angeles, CA

“Homelessness is a severe problem plaguing Los Angeles. I am working to provide homeless people a place they can call home. The Union Rescue Mission provides services to help the homeless move off the streets and assists them in their journey back to a productive life. I support the great work that the Union Rescue Mission does to change the lives of the homeless men, women and children of Los Angeles.”

Jan Perry

Councilwoman, Ninth District

“As Los Angeles City Councilwoman of the Ninth District, I understand the unique needs of my diverse constituency. I have made it a priority during my term of office to ensure that every member of my district has access to a healthy environment and the ability to live and breathe in a safe community.

I have spent time at the Union Rescue Mission in the neighborhood that people refer to as Skid Row. I was amazed to see how many women and children were in need of help. It saddens me to see the increasing numbers of women and children that are homeless. Skid Row is no place to raise children. Over 70% of the services for the homeless are for single men and women in Skid Row. Thousands of individuals are referred to downtown Los Angeles for homeless services from the entire county of Los Angeles.

The Union Rescue Mission offers food and shelter to the homeless men, women and children that are referred for services. I am thankful for the emergency services that they provide. I am even more thankful that they offer programs to help people overcome their situation, improve their education and find jobs that can support housing and a better life for their families. I strongly support their efforts to move women and children into a new transitional living facility outside of the downtown area of Los Angeles.

Working together with the Union Rescue Mission, our community leaders and our neighbors, we can find a way to end the tragedy of homelessness in our City. We need to be creative and try things that we have not tried before. We especially need to uplift the beautiful children that I saw at the Mission. These children deserve a place to live and grow to their full potential. I can see that the Union Rescue Mission is working to make that a reality in the lives they touch every day of the week, 365 days a year. I fully endorse their plan to provide new transitional homeless services for the families they serve in Los Angeles County.”

Rafer Johnson

Decathlon Gold Medalist and Sports Hall of Fame Inductee

“As the nation’s largest mission, Union Rescue Mission is committed to meeting the needs of this new tidal wave of homelessness. Pedodontistry is available for homeless children in need of special dental care; a “Mommy and Me” room where moms and small children can spend quality safe time together. Because I value sports as a vehicle for discipline and self-esteem, I am particularly impressed with the ‘Dream Builders Dream Team’ after school basketball clinic for the boys and girls living at the URM. All of us should have the opportunity to be the best that we can be. The Union Rescue Mission provides the answers that can make this a reality.”

Chief William J. Bratton

Los Angeles Chief of Police

“The Los Angeles Police Department recognizes and supports the services your organization, the Union Rescue Mission, provides to homeless and indigent men, women and children in Los Angeles. We recognize the need for services for women with young children has increased and the available temporary housing is filled to capacity almost every night.

The Los Angeles Police Department believes the goal of providing transitional housing along with programs and assistance for homeless women, children and families, is a vital step in their productive re-entry into society. The Los Angeles Police Department will support the Union Rescue Mission in the effort to create additional services and the establishment of the Women, Children and Family Life Center outside of the downtown area.”

William Shatner


“Emergency shelter, like emergency medicine, is the first line of need for many people. Union Rescue Mission fulfills that need.”

Ernie Hudson

Actor featured in Ghostbusters

“One of my most recent roles was that of a homeless man. Although I have always been concerned with the issue of homelessness, my work in this film helped me realize that I didn’t just want to talk about homelessness, but I wanted to take an active role in helping the disadvantaged. I applaud the work of the Union Rescue Mission because I see the difference they are making. I am happy to be part of an organization that helps so many people off the streets and back into productive lives. Together we will make a difference.”

Angela Lansbury


“A lot of people think the homeless are mostly alcoholics or drug addicts but nearly 40% are made up of women and children. These are the true victims of poverty and homelessness and I’m glad to know that the Union Rescue Mission is helping to make a difference.”

Jerry West

National Basketball Association

“What are my greatest challenges? Hitting clutch jump shots and running a great organization like the Lakers have been highlights of my life. But seeing people in need has always been a challenge. That’s why I believe in the Union Rescue Mission. It’s not easy, but more than a century of experience tells them it can work.”

Pete Wilson

Former Governor of the State of California

“I know of the Union Rescue Mission’s successful endeavors and can say without hesitation that they are indeed most inspiring and commendable. The Union Rescue Mission has touched the lives of many – the homeless, the drug addicted, the cold, the weary, those whose hope has all but been vanquished – and provided them with shelter, food and clothing.”

Ken Starr

Pepperdine University Law School Dean

“The Union Rescue Mission provides a comprehensive array of emergency and long-term services to help rebuild the lives of homeless men and women. Pepperdine University’s School of Law operates a Legal Aid Clinic at the Union Rescue Mission which assists the urban poor in breaking through the many legal barriers that stand in the way of recovery. In collaborating with Union Rescue Mission, it is the goal of Pepperdine’s Legal Aid Clinic to empower individuals to continue their progress toward self-sufficiency and become contributing members of the community.”

Captain Horace E. Frank

Central Division, LAPD

As the captain in the Los Angeles Police Department overseeing Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, I can say I’ve never seen anything approaching the misery and hopelessness that people living on these dangerous streets experience there. That’s why I’m truly thankful for Union Rescue Mission, as well as other missions in the area. The work they do, restoring health and dignity to hurting people on Skid Row, is extraordinary and worthy of all our support. I fully endorse the work of Union Rescue Mission in the city of Los Angeles.

Estela Lopez

Executive Director, Central City East Association

My office is on Skid Row. Every day I see things that most people in Los Angeles never see. And every evening, I leave my office knowing that someone who was alive that night might not be alive the next day. People on Skid Row need our help.

That’s why I’m so grateful for service providers like Union Rescue Mission who are really doing God’s work, changing the landscape of Skid Row. They are desperately trying to bring peace and hope and love and shelter to those streets. And they are saving lives.

Because I will tell you from the years that I have spent there: People don’t live on Skid Row. They die on Skid Row. And we need everyone’s help to stop that.

Pauley Perrette

Actress on top-rated TV series, NCIS.

There is a place called Hope Gardens, which is one of my favorite charities in the world, that has a refuge for women and children that were homeless on Skid Row.  It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  You guys are amazing.  Keep up the good work! God bless.