Gateway Project

The Gateway Project is a program designed for single men and women who need more than our Emergency Services to get back on their feet, but who cannot commit to our longer-term and more intensive Christian Life Discipleship Program.

The Gateway Project helps men and women overcome their homelessness by offering them more personalized and comprehensive solutions to the issues affecting their lives.

In addition to ongoing safe shelter, three meals a day, and access to health and dental services, men and women enrolled in the Gateway Project receive the following benefits:

  • Increased access to various areas inside the building including the dorm area.  Guests receiving Emergency Services, and who are not enrolled in our Gateway Project or longer-term Life Transformation Program, are required to leave the dorm area each morning.
  • The opportunity to attend life-skills classes that teach means of better financial management; access to constructive help that enables guests to pay bills in a timely manner;  and personalized tutoring to equip students with better job interview skills.
  • A personal storage locker for belongings.
  • Ongoing case management.

Program Fee

Men and women who enroll in the Gateway Project are asked to pay $5 per day in program fees and encouraged to save $2 per day in personal savings. More important, we ask participants to pay this fee for three reasons:

  1. Education: We want to help our guests be more accountable and take more responsibility for the services provided to them. Responsibility and accountability are a part of life.
  2. Empowerment: Men and women who contribute to their own well-being gain a greater sense of control over their circumstances, as well as greater confidence that they can overcome their present circumstances. This is called empowerment.
  3. Equipping: URM’s comprehensive services are designed to stabilize and equip men and women experiencing homelessness with the tools and resources they need to get back on their feet. Once they obtain stability in their lives, URM staff works with each individual to learn new life skills and set goals for employment and housing.