Daisy’s Story

Drugs ripped her life apart. But Daisy was determined to get her children back and put the pieces of her life back together.

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Daisy watched as her life slipped away...

She was ready to fight for the ones she loved most...

Addiction had stolen everything from Daisy. Her brain was so fogged over, she was a mere spectator, watching her own life slip away, piece by piece.

She was jolted from her daze when she lost custody of her two little girls. Daisy couldn't bear to watch as strangers led her daughters away.

She felt like a failure. As a person. As a mother.

Daisy made a commitment in that moment to change, to get her daughters back, and to be the kind of mom they needed.

It would be an uphill battle, but at Union Rescue Mission, Daisy soon realized that nobody is beyond the reach of the life-transforming power of Jesus.

Be sure to watch her story of restoration and see how the power of God can create something beautiful from the broken pieces of our lives.

“Being here and having the stability is what helped me get my daughters back”

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Somewhere safe to find healing

Many of the individuals and families who come to Union Rescue Mission need help beyond the immediate basics of food, shelter, and clothing.

Inside, they are broken, damaged souls. They need a place to feel safe. To find comfort. To be part of a community where they can heal with others who share their suffering, and then begin to find healing through the power of God's love.

Union Rescue Mission is here to help

Union Rescue Mission, located in the very heart of Skid Row, welcomes all who need help— men, women, children, and families. Those who enter into our programs experience the love of God at work in tangible ways.

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