DeJanee’s Story

At 16 years old, DeJanee couldn't imagine living on the streets of Skid Row.

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"I was asking God, why us?"

Like many teenagers, DeJanee felt the pressure of what her classmates might think of her.

"I was asking God, why us? My other friends...they all have homes," she shares. Ending up on Skid Row was the last thing she wanted. A young girl like DeJanee would also be an extremely vulnerable target on the streets.

But her family's lack of stable housing hurt DeJanee's spirit, and she admits to feeling depressed.

"I didn't show it, but I was," she says. "Just because we have to go to school. And your friends, you can't tell them where you live because it's embarrassing. They'll talk about you."

Thankfully, DeJanee and her family found their way to Union Rescue Mission. At Hope Gardens, they're taking steps to build a more solid foundation for the future.

Please watch DeJanee's story to hear more of this beautiful young lady's story. Your support gives many more children like her hope during the toughest time in their lives.

“These past three years I've learned that everyone goes through something, and it just makes you stronger”

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Somewhere safe to find healing

Many of the individuals and families who come to Union Rescue Mission need help beyond the immediate basics of food, shelter, and clothing.

Inside, they are broken, damaged souls. They need a place to feel safe. To find comfort. To be part of a community where they can relate with others who share their suffering, and then begin to find healing through the power of God's love.

Union Rescue Mission is here to help

Union Rescue Mission, located in the very heart of Skid Row, welcomes anyone who needs help—men, women, children, and families. Those who enter into our programs experience the love of God at work in tangible ways.

The Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to share God's love with those who have been devastated by homelessness and who are trying to get back on their feet at Union Rescue Mission.

Providing a meal may seem like a simple thing. But it can be the first step in someone's journey to a brand-new life.

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