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Exclusive Opportunities for Union Fellowship Members

Union Fellowship - Monthly Giving
Members get exclusive access to our Union Fellowship Facebook Group to watch Live Events.
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Union Fellowship - Monthly Giving Members

Live Prayer Meetings (Postponed)

Members can join us for group prayer meetings to pray for and be prayed for by our community of guests, staff, and chaplains.

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Union Rescue Mission Chapel Service

Members can join us twice a month for an interactive experience at our Chapel Service

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Front line Stories (Soon)

Every so often, we will feature an exclusive, interactive stream of what it’s like in the life of a URM Employee. We will follow Andy, chaplains and others for up to one hour live at Union Rescue Mission and/or Hope Gardens.

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Scripture Reading

We will send you cards intermittently throughout the year with specific prayer requests for individual guests and give you an opportunity to share your requests with our chaplains and clients.

Anyone who commits to a monthly gift becomes part of the Union Fellowship community and gets access to our members-only opportunities.