Sebastian's Story

His mom's love and the support he received at Hope Gardens turned Sebastian into a new boy.

Watch Sebastian's special story of hope now.

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Separation, foster homes, and anger issues

In his young lifetime, Sebastian has already been through a lot.

When he first came to Hope Gardens, he had just been reunited with his mom after living in two foster homes. "When I got separated from my mom, it made me feel very sad. I missed her so much," Sebastian says. "And I wanted to go back with her."

At school, Sebastian was constantly acting out, kicking doors, and exploding in anger.

But Claudia, his mom, wasn't going to give up on her son. She had him assessed, and they diagnosed Sebastian with high-functioning autism and ADHD.


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Becoming the boy God intended him to be

With his new diagnosis, Sebastian received medications and treatment. His behavior at school completely turned around.

"Sebastian has come a long way," says Rosa Ortiz, his case manager. "He doesn't have these outbursts of anger like he used to. He's very sweet. He's doing great at school. You wouldn't even know it was the same child. He's a totally different person."

Today, Sebastian and his mom live in their own place, having successfully transitioned out of Hope Gardens. Sebastian's mom is now a case manager at Hope Gardens, working with moms and kids. They are grateful to be able to give back to their community — a full-circle transformation for the family!

Please watch Sebastian's powerful video now to hear Sebastian tell his story in his own words. Your heart will be cheered by this sweet boy and the progress he's made.

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