Step 4

Localize solutions to homelessness.

We must end the policy of dumping, corralling, and confining people who are struggling and experiencing homelessness to Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.

Each city area should provide local services to their own neighbors who find themselves without a home. When invited, Union Rescue Mission and partnering agencies will consult, collaborate, and help develop regional satellites for local communities committed to seeking solutions to homelessness.

Action Steps

  • There are 8,000 houses of worship in Los Angeles and 8,000 families experiencing homelessness. 8,000 minus 8,000 equals zero. Invite Union Rescue Mission’s CEO Andy Bales to your church, faith community, business, or civic organization to discuss ways to make a difference for a family in your area.
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@abales and @URM) to learn more about homelessness, as well as innovative ways to get involved in your own community.
  • Encourage your church, faith community, or city to open a winter or year-round shelter for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Encourage your church, faith community, or city to provide assistance and affordable housing for low-income families and individuals in your local area.

The longer people experience homelessness, the more damage they suffer.