Step 7

Expand seasonal winter shelters to operate year-round.

Winter Shelter Programs are a critical safety net that provides emergency overnight shelter to thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness during cold, damp winter months.

Yet, many of these emergency shelters close after the winter season is over, and many individuals are left with few other safe alternatives. City and county funding of these shelters must be expanded so that anyone who becomes homeless can have a roof over their head and a place to sleep in safety year-round.

Action Steps

  • Write to your local city, county, and state officials, including Governor Jerry Brown, requesting to keep the National Guard Armories throughout Los Angeles County open year-round for people who need emergency shelter.
  • Ask city and county officials to increase funding for winter shelters so they can not only stay open year-round, but also offer sufficient case management and support services to help people escape homelessness and find more permanent solutions.

Many individuals are left with few other safe alternatives.