Step 2

Stop making excuses and get involved.

“They’re just lazy” . . . “They’re homeless because the weather is so nice” . . . “Jesus said, ‘The poor you will always have with you.’” People use many excuses to keep from helping men and women experiencing homelessness. But in Deuteronomy 15, God told His people: If you’re obedient, there will be no poor in the land. But since there is disobedience, both personally and corporately, there will always be poor in the land. So open your hand to your brother and sister. Lift your brother and sister out of poverty. People experiencing homelessness don’t need excuses, they need help — and God has issued us all a Call to Action!

Action Steps

  • Volunteer at Union Rescue Mission and serve men, women, and children experiencing homelessness! Please visit . . . or contact our volunteer department at or call 213-347-6300 ext. 2135 to find out about current opportunities.
  • Use your Facebook status or Twitter feed to inform your friends about Union Rescue Mission and to encourage them to get involved in this movement to end homelessness in Los Angeles. Link to to share the latest information with your friends.
  • Subscribe to Union Rescue Mission’s email updates and receive regular features, including video stories and requests for volunteering and support.
  • Financially support agencies like Union Rescue Mission, which make a difference on behalf of people experiencing homelessness in our communities and provide effective solutions to homelessness. To donate to Union Rescue Mission, visit

Great things are accomplished by individuals working together in small ways.