What happens to their soul?

This video might shock you.

It should. Because no one, absolutely no one, should have to live this way.

That 2,500 souls are living in the most squalid conditions on Skid Row is tragic. They are the most vulnerable among us. Those who have been victimized, traumatized, beaten down, and ultimately forgotten by society.

On Skid Row, precious people are devastated, even devoured by homelessness.

When you watch this video, please pray for these men, women, children, and families whose daily life is a struggle to survive. Then consider what you can do to help in the fight to end homelessness. At Union Rescue Mission, we will not stop as long as one precious human being is left on Skid Row.

Today, your generous gift will go further, thanks to a Matching Challenge, to help get more people experiencing homelessness off the streets of Skid Row.

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Your opportunity to double your impact

When you give today, a Matching Challenge will automatically DOUBLE your gift — up to $500,000 — to feed, shelter, and care for our neighbors experiencing homelessness on Skid Row.

The Matching Challenge couldn't have come at a better time.

In the summer, we provide critical care for neighbors experiencing homelessness — including a meal, water bottles on the most extremely hot days, insect repellent, and cool showers. And we offer safe shelter to as many people as we can, to get them off the dangerous streets.

But please hurry and give now, or by June 30 at the latest, to double your gift.

Lives are at stake this summer, and your gift is needed now more than ever.

Matching Challenge will DOUBLE your summer gift!

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DOUBLE your gift to transform more lives with HOPE this summer

This Easter, be a part of what God is doing to transform lives and bring hope back to the streets of Los Angeles.

Your support will help hurting men, women, children, and families hear the Easter message of God's incredible love and claim the promise of a brand-new life.

Deadline to give: June 30

DOUBLE your gift to transform more lives with HOPE this summer

Deadline to give: June 30