She's looking at you to find the hope she's lost

$24.25 provides a Day of Safe Shelter for one woman coming off the streets, eager for a different life.


She never asked to be devastated by homelessness

As a little girl, she never dreamed she'd fight these demons on the streets:

  • Danger
  • Drugs
  • Drinking
  • Violence
  • Disease
  • Despair

But they run rampant now on Skid Row, intensified by the cold, damp misery of winter.

She fights closing her eyes at night for fear of what could happen while she sleeps.  

She never wanted to be a statistic...

Skid Row is the epicenter of homelessness in America.

800+ women are without safe shelter on Skid Row.

"Homelessness on Skid Row is an epidemic of epic proportions. It is a Red Cross-like disaster."

— Rev. Andy Bales

CEO, Union Rescue Mission

What does any woman need on any given day?

Food, shelter, and human connection

And that’s exactly what your $24.25 Day of Safe Shelter gift extends. The Day you give includes a night of secure lodging, three nutritious meals, and professional counseling to one hurting woman who's eager for a different life. It's one Day. And with your help, it can be life-changing for a vulnerable woman on Skid Row.

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Drugs ripped Daisy's life apart

But she was determined to get her life and children back.

Childhood abuse unraveled Maritza

But she wouldn't give up until she found safety, healing, and peace.

Skid Row. The square-mile death trap brimming with drugs, drinking, violence, disease, and despair.

Give a DAY, Change a LIFE!

Your life is precious. So is hers.   

Union Rescue Mission, located in the heart of Skid Row, stands strong as a refuge of help and hope. A safe haven where women—single or with children—can find the safety, guidance, and support they need to live a life transformed.

Listen in on what a guest at URM will hear upon arriving for her Day of Safe Shelter:

Q: Do you have children?

A: You are welcome here.

Q: Are you hungry?

A: Please, have a meal here.

Q: Have you no roof over your head?

A: We’ve prepared a place for you.

Q: Do you wonder if God hears your prayers?

A: The love and hope of Jesus is for everyone.

Q: Are you without emotional support?

A: Our counselors are eager to meet with you

Q: Are you ready to change your life?

A: Come inside. Let's get started.

“Being here and having the stability is what helped me get my daughters back.”

— Daisy

“After everything I’ve been through, God is still doing good for me.”

— Maritza

“These past three years I’ve learned that everyone goes through something, and it just makes you stronger.”

— DeJanee

“Coming [here] was definitely an answer to my prayers. And there are things...I’m still working on but slowly but surely I’m progressing.”

— Rosalind