Critical News Update: Hope Gardens Family Center

In the past two years, we have increased our services by 45% in an effort to step up to the growing economic crisis. And in this past year, giving has been down 21% – this is a devastating combination! In an attempt to counteract this, we have already taken two pay reductions, stopped our 401K match, and laid off 8 faithful staff members.

We have developed a sustainability plan that will strengthen us in the long run, but it will not fill the immediate gap in our funding or get us through the next few months.

Unless we can raise $2,800,000 by June 30th, we will be forced to close the doors to Hope Gardens Family Center. This option is our last resort – Hope Gardens has proven to be a life changing and life giving environment for many women and children, and it is heartbreaking to imagine bringing the 34 families back down to the streets of Skid Row.







We hope you will PLEASE take this time to considering a gift so we can continue to provide for the 119 women and children that call Hope Gardens home. We need your help now more than ever.  Thank you for all your support and please keep us in your prayers.



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