Union Rescue Mission is Taking Precautionary Steps Regarding Coronavirus

Dear friends and supporters,

Here at Union Rescue Mission, health and safety has always been our top priority! Now, more than ever, we are working diligently by taking necessary precautions to protect our guests, staff members and our neighbors who are at high risk to exposure of the COVID-19.

We have spent more than $8,000 in protective and medical supplies, alone, in addition to the long hours our team has had to work to ensure the safety of our community.    

The following protocol has been implemented to decrease exposure to COVID-19:

  • We will continue to educate and encourage our guests and staff members to follow all CDC guidelines and work closely with our onsite clinic from the LA Department of Health Services.
  • We’ve added 3 stand-alone hot water hand-washing stations within our facility.
  • We’ve set up a quarantine areas for any single adults and for families exhibiting flu like symptoms since testing kits are not available. This area has separate restrooms for single men and women and families that will not be used by others.
  • We have also asked volunteers to stay home if they have traveled in a country severely impacted or have a cough or fever or flu symptoms.
  • We will continue to clean, sanitize and disinfect all areas inside our building, provide special training for safe clean up and require all staff members to wear Personal Protective Equipment who come in contact with quarantine designated spaces.
  • We’ve set up a separate evacuation path for quarantined folks in case of a fire alarm/fire.
  • We are asking staff with any of the symptoms, fever and cough, flu like symptoms, to stay home and either work from home or take extra vacation/sick days we’ve provided.

We cannot do this work without generous supporters like you. Thank you so much for your support during this crucial time.

God Bless,

Rev. Andy Bales, CEO

Friends, the need is going to continue from here. We need your help to remain proactive in continuing to meet the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.
Please give generously today or donate any of the following highly needed items to protect our community:

* Masks
* Hand Sanitizers
* Personal Protective Equipment
* Thermometers
* Biohazard Bags
* Stand Alone Hot Water Hand Washing Stations