Stories From Skid Row: Antonia

Stories from Skid Row: Antonia

Antonia endured childhood abuse, foster care, and eventually homelessness. In a leap of faith, she decided to seek support through Union Rescue Mission.

With the help of the Hope Gardens Family Center, Antonia started healing from her past wounds.

Watch her story and see how your generosity helps women like Antonia experience life-long transformation.

Stories From Skid Row: Miracles

Stories from Skid Row: Miracles

Life cannot flourish on the streets. But where the harsh realities of Skid Row become a distant memory…it can. Union Rescue Mission’s three decentralized locations foster miracles among men, women, children, and families devastated by homelessness. Watch now and see!

Stories From Skid Row: Diane

Stories from Skid Row: Diane

Diane is an accountant. She likes her job, but what she really wanted was to “be out making a difference in someone’s life.” Watch her inspiring story about finding Hope Gardens and see how she’s now changing the lives of kids devastated by homelessness!