Good Things Happen When Folks Step Up To Meet a Need

In my last blog I told a story of a young man who asked me how a 16 year old could get a job. I learned the next day that he was considering dropping out of school to work so that his single mom, brother and he could stay in their home. I asked a local company that works with us on our direct mail, Grizzard,, to consider hiring this polite young man for a job at their Glendale office after school, AND THEY ARE HIRING HIM!

I shared Daniel’s story with Reba Toni, of KKLA Radio, 99.5 FM, and she not only shared it on KKLA but also on KFISH 95.9 FM, Christian Music Radio. A friend of mine who works in Hollywood heard the story and called me for information on how to connect with Daniel’s mom, and hire her!

This one instance of a family being rescued with employment, before suffering the devastating effects of homelessness, has encouraged us to launch a new outreach program beginning with area churches/houses of faith. We’re asking them to look for a family in their vicinity that they can come alongside and help prevent the family from becoming homeless with financial counseling, job networking, free daycare for children, food pantry assistance and in other ways. In addition, we are inviting the churches/houses of faith to come alongside a family already devastated by homelessness and partner/mentor them as they move out of homelessness. Truly, if each church in LA would take these two steps, we could put an end to family homelessness in Los Angeles. If you would like to get your church involved please contact me at:

Thanks to all who stepped up to help this one family! That is how the battle will be won; one family at a time!

Andy B.